Distinguish Quality Chicken From S128 Complaint – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss how to distinguish real Bangkok chicken from complaints.

Minimal knowledge of the physical characteristics of the original Bangkok S128 Chicken is often a problem for some S128 cockfighting agent hobbyists in starting their Bangkok S128 Chicken cultivation business.

Tips for Finding the Original S128 Bangkok Chicken Characteristics from the local S128 Bangkok Chicken or the S128 Bangkok Chicken, a real Bangkok derivative, even though it can actually be distinguished from the original Bangkok S128 Chicken through several characteristics.

If they want to persevere in these signs and want to pay close attention, mistakes in selecting the original Bangkok S128 Chicken which will be used as broodstock can be a little prevented.

Until now, the original Bangkok S128 Chicken has to be imported from Thailand. Things like this make the price of the S128 Chicken very expensive. Even though it can reach prices of up to millions of rupiah, some hobbyists generally do not experience problems, if the S128 Chicken is a classy original S128 Bangkok Chicken and can make broodstock to produce champion quality Bangkok puppies.

There are still many features that can be used to distinguish Genuine Bangkok S128 Chicken from local or fake S128 Bangkok Chicken. The signal for the S128 Bangkok Original Chicken is on the color of the base of the feathers, the arrangement of the bones, the competitive model, and the mental.

Check out the Tips for Finding the Original S128 Bangkok Chicken Below:

Base of Feather Color

At a glance, the original Bangkok S128 Chicken and the local S128 Chicken do not have a striking difference. Even if it is seen with jelly, there is one small difference in the color of the base of the hairs of the two. The original Bangkok S128 chicken generally has a yellowish color of the base (near the skin). This base color is unique because there are almost all parts of the S128 Chicken’s body, both in the feathers that grow on the wings, neck, back, stomach, head, and feet.

The yellowish color at the base of the original Bangkok S128 Chicken feathers is often called khemine. This acts as a guard so that the S128 Chicken feathers do not fall off easily in Thailand’s climatic conditions and so that they are free from flea problems.

Bone Arrangement

The color of the base of the feathers is the most important feature of the Bangkok Asli Chicken. Furthermore, the arrangement of the bones can also be a signal of helpers. Chicken S128 Bangkok Asli usually has a dense bone arrangement, is denser than the local S128 Bangkok Chicken. We can identify the bone arrangement by holding it with the hand on the chest. The breastbone of the original Bangkok S128 Chicken will certainly feel tougher.

Competing Style

In a special way, the characteristics of the S128 Bangkok Chicken cannot be compared to a competing model. Although it is the Chicken S128 Bangkok Original, generally choose a fighting model with key techniques and control. Chicken S128 Bangkok Asli does not often use fighting techniques, wing stance or running techniques.

Mental Match

This last characteristic can be recognized if we carry out a trend. Chicken S128 Bangkok Asli will have a very interesting fighting mentality. He is very brave even to opponents whose stature is getting bigger. That courage is often described by the Kopasus slogan “It is better to return home than to fail in task”.