Various Symbols in Online Slot Gambling and Their Functions – Online slot gambling games may be called one of the types of online gambling that has the most symbols.

The use of the fruit machine symbol in slots existed in San Francisco in the early 1900s. After banning the use of slot machines for gambling games, New Industrial Company came up with the idea of ​​using the machine to sell chewing gum. To accommodate this change, they changed the card symbols on the reels to fruit. A superior combination of a certain type of fruit will produce a gum of that type. These were so popular, and the fruit so easily recognizable, that they are still used as symbols to this day in several land-based and online slots games.

Number of Symbols in slot machines

The number of symbols in the mpo slot machine then depends on the machine. Generally standard machines tend to rely on about ten different symbols as the maximum expected. More than this and the chance of getting a winning combination could be even more impossible, driving players away. However, in some cases, such as large digital machines with mostly paylines and reels, the use of more symbols may be applied to challenge the increased chance of winning.

What is the slots reel formation?

The formation of the slots reels refers to the combination of other symbols that are included on the unique slots reels. This will depend on the engine, but usually includes some mix of standard, scatter, and wild symbols. Digital slots, which have a wider potential than their hardware counterparts due to software flexibility, often include bonus symbols and multipliers.

Types of Symbols in Online Slots

Standard reel symbols

This is the symbol that makes a large number of scroll offerings. These are usually available as fruit or playing cards, although slot machine stubs can vary this performance wildly.

Scatter symbols

On many machines, the scatter symbol acts as a gatekeeper to the bonus game. For example, collecting three of them on an active payline can often give you access to separate minigames, or open the door to try your hand at winning the jackpot.

wild symbols

Can replace any standard symbol the game sells (generally, scatter is the exception)

Bonus symbols

Similar to scatters, bonus symbols can give access to special bonus games, or smaller bonuses in special slots games.


Usually reachable from within the bonus game, the multiplier increases the winning prize by the multiple indicated on the symbol.

Sticky slots symbols

These are symbols that, after landing a spin, can stay on the reels for more spins. This is more common with bonus features than involving wildlife, such as sticky wilderness. By doing this, it is possible for a player to get a winning combination more easily, contributing to a bigger overall win. In such a case, the additional sticky symbol may maintain the sticky state, repeating each spin until the spin doesn’t result in a winning payline, which will result in the sticky symbol on the stop reel sticking.

Stacked slots symbols

The stacked slots symbol is fundamentally different from the regular slots symbol in that it is not randomized. In contrast, stacked slots symbols can exist in large vertical groupings. When this happens, it means making winning combinations easier, because paylines can land more efficiently. Generally working with standard symbols, this can be applied to wild symbols in some fruit machines.

Moving wild symbols

A special type of wild that is maintained on the reels for multiple spins, such as sticky symbols. However, instead of staying in one place, moving wilds can actively change their status on the reels after each spin to give players more chances to get a winning combination. This is usually rewarded by the bonus feature, which only runs a certain number of spins or winning combinations before disappearing from the reels.

Wandering wild symbols

Another form of non-stationary wilds that can still be on the reels for a few spins. Wandering wild animals work with certain movement schemes which will then release them from the reels. A common example of this is that they switch one reel to the left after each spin. In this case, they disappear after reaching the leftmost scroll.