Knowledge of Caring for Cockfighting S128 – Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, along with knowledge on how to care for s128 cockfighting cocks.

This fighting chicken is a kind of fighting chicken that is tough when compared to other chickens. This type of fighting chicken is deliberately cared for and trained to be fought. Fighting chickens are not too difficult to maintain, but at least you must first have the basics of how to care for fighting chickens.

As on this occasion, we will also discuss the best way to care for quality rooster fights. Why do we discuss things like this? because many people do not understand this, we take the initiative to share the experiences we have:
Bangkok Chicken

Feed That Has Protein

Fighting cocks when fighting will be draining, therefore chickens need a high level of stamina. To meet these needs, fighting chickens should be fed with food containing lots of protein. This type of food can be in the form of duck eggs or mutton, but if possible I recommend goat meat.

Physical training

When you want to train your breathing as well as muscle training, then you are encouraged to do physical training on the fighting cocks you have. You can do physical exercise according to the needs of the fighting cock, such as swimming, clit and jumping exercises.
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Pay attention to the conditions of fighting chickens

Cock fighting before cockfighting for less than a week must be completely rested. However, before the chicken is fully rested, the chicken must be pounded first between 1 to 2 minutes, with the aim that the fighting cock does not experience stiffness in the muscles and does not let the chicken get hit by the opponent. to be safer, you should use the strings wrapped in the patuk because it prevents the prepared chicken from getting hurt.

Keeping Chickens So Not Easily Tired

To achieve perfect fighting cock stamina, it is better if the chicken is rested so that the fighting cock is not exhausted due to the chicken running in confinement, the fighting cock can also be held or you caress it. both of these things can make the chicken sore and tired. The four kinds of ways to care for the fighting Bangkok chickens mentioned above are one unit in order to prepare chickens for fighting.

Bathing the fighting chickens

The first step that must be taken by the botoh of fighting cocks is, bathing the fighting cocks is the main thing. To bathe the fighting chickens, it can be done from 06.00 to 07.00 am using clean water. It is important to wash chickens to maintain freshness and health. for those of you who are beginners, learn from the botoh in your village about how to properly bathe a Bangkok chicken.

Fighting Chicken in the Dry

Drying is good for 10 days. after ten days the time the chickens are dried in the sun plus another 2 hours every 9 to 11 noon. drying is good for training chicken breathing. How to take care of fighting Bangkok chickens with this drying method to burn chicken fat and increase respiratory resistance when fighting.